Course 1
Introducting the toolkit

In this course, we provide an introduction to the Behavioural Insights Toolkit for energy policy. The course is narrated by Hannah Chappell, who is a behavioural scientist at The Behaviouralist, a research group and consultancy based in the U.K.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Understand how to identify potential pitfalls in your policies and address these challenges using the Toolkit

  • Feel comfortable using all three pathways of the Toolkit to support your policy development and improvement procedures

We hope that you enjoy this course!

Module 1: Introduction to the Toolkit
length: 11 minutes

The first module of the course will share how the toolkit was developed and then introduce the first user Pathway in the toolkit, which is designed to support policymakers and programme designers as they create a new programme.

Part 1: Introduction to the Toolkit

Part 2: When to use this Toolkit

Part 3: Defining your policy - Getting started

Part 4: Identify instruments and review your options

Part 4: Embedding behavioural insights

Part 4: Learn by example - Policy case study

Module 2: Refining an existing policy
length: 7 minutes

The second module introduces the second pathway of the toolkit, which is intended to support policymakers as they work to improve an existing policy or programme.

Part 1: Pathway 2 - Refining an existing policy

Part 2: Screening your current policy or programme

Part 3: Address behavioural considerations

Part 4: Learn by example - Policy case study

Module 3: Behavioural insights browser
length: 5 minutes

Finally, the third module of this course will discuss the final pathway of the toolkit, which is called the Behavioural Insights Browser. This module covers common challenges that policymakers and designers may encounter and also addresses some frequently asked questions.

Part 1: Pathway 3 - Behavioural insights browser

Part 2: Common challenges and how to address them

Part 3: Frequently asked questions